At 2.5 acres in size, the bottom lake is stocked with an array of species including carp, Tench, Bream, Rudd, Roach and Perch.
Known as the runs water on-site, multiple catches are not unheard of from the carp anglers and these hard fighting fish go over 20lb, with the current lake record standing at 23lb 6oz making for an incredible session for the angler that gets it right on the day.

With 22 swims situated around the banks of Bottom lake, the depths vary from 2ft in the edge to over 8ft in places and a mixture of both gravel and silt can be found for the angler keen to determine what they are fishing over. Stocked with both mirror, common and crucian carp in superb condition, these fish give a great account of themselves and can be caught on an array of tactics.

The lake itself is home to a mixture of features including three islands, channels and superb margins, which particularly come into their own in the warmer months. Fishing a boilie approach often helps to bring the carp to feed and a hook bait tipped with corn will often help to grab a quick bite.

The lake itself is surrounded by mature willow hedges, that are not only home to an array of wildlife but also act as very effective windbreaks, making for a sheltered and peaceful session.

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