Here are the Rules for Fishing at Headlands Farm Fishery

Click here for Pike Fishing Rules

When arriving at Headlands Farm please follow and take note of our signage.

Sign in

When arriving at Headlands Farm please drive to the main car park, sign in and pay in the clubhouse.

Follow the instructions to sign in. You must not commence fishing until you have paid and signed in. You may be asked to leave if you ignore this.


General Rules:

  • All bookings are non-refundable but can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to visit.

  • Two rods maximum

  • Large padded unhooking mats to be used, ideally minimum of 2” thick

  • Minimum 36” landing net for Bottom Lake

  • Carp first aid kit mandatory

  • No Keep Nets, sacking or retaining fish in slings

  • No pole fishing

  • No bait boats

  • Single hooks only for Pike fishing

  • No braided mainline (can use for marker rod only)

  • No fixed leads

  • Leadcore maximum 1 meter long

  • Suitable weigh sling for the size of fish

  • Lures and spinners accepted if using a single hook

  • Stay within 10 paces from your rods at all times, or reel in.

Top Lake (Specimen Lake) specific Rules:

  • Please book a space on Top Lake, bookings are non-refundable but can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to visit.

  • Minimum 42” landing net

  • Size 8 hook (carp hook) minimum

  • Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line


  • Maggots

  • Pellet

  • Single hook baits

  • Boilies

  • Live bait can be used.

  • You’re welcome to use silvers caught on our lakes for predator fishing

  • Dead bait that is not from fresh water (sea fish)

  • Shop bought particle bait only

  • No fake baits

  • No Spodding or Spombing

  • No hemp

  • No floating baits

  • No fishing off the top

  • No dog or cat food

On site

  • Leave no trace - minimise your impact and maximise your enjoyment in nature

  • Be respectful to our fishery and fellow anglers

  • A valid rod license must be held. Click here to purchase a rod license

  • Take all litter away with you

  • No Glass Bottles

  • No dogs

  • No unsupervised children

  • Do not discard used tackle on our banks

  • Follow the 5 MPH speed limits

  • Drive and park in designated area's only

  • Leave swims clean and tidy

  • Caution when casting near Power lines

  • No radios, music, shouting or anti-social behaviour

  • No excessive drinking or drugs.

Fish care

As a responsible Angler, we expect you to adopt exceptional fish care. Fish care is vital from the moment you begin to land the Carp. From unhooking the Carp to preparing to weigh it, to taking photos and releasing it back into the water, it is of the utmost importance that you take care of the fish and respect our rules.

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