We can't wait to celebrate with you on the 9th July 2022, all we really need you to bring are your happy faces, dancing shoes and A-games!  However, if you're thinking of a gift, then please read on… 

We’ve already planted a fair few trees at Headlands, and it’s really starting to come together nicely.  

This got us thinking, if our guests are considering purchasing a gift then we’d love to plant a tree from you, with your name and message nailed to the stake!  Your tree will ‘Grow With Us’, our family and our friends here at Headlands.  We’ll dutifully nurture it, water it, trim it and probably talk to it…  it’s a gift that will keep on giving year after year!

Below is a list of trees we’ll be looking to plant, if you fancy a riveting horticulture lesson just click the links!  If you’d like to request a specific tree, please include in your message below.  


These trees are between 6 – 10 feet high, depending on type.  They’re already mature and potted ready to plant, which we’ll do in the autumn, the very best time of year for planting new trees.  They are £60 each which we’ve provided a simple payment process below.  Please feel free to club together as a joint or team tree. 

Please use the box below to write us a message.  We’ll get this made into a plaque and nail it to the stake next to your tree, along with your names.  This message doesn’t need to specifically relate to the 9th July, if there’s a particular memory of us or something amusing / interesting that springs to mind, write it down!  Please note, these plaques will be in view for all to see… so keep it clean!!!

Again, can’t wait to see you on the 9th July, if not before. 

All our love, 

The A-Team. 

P.S - Wedding Festival Music headlining, Spruce Springsteen, Billy Ray Cypress, Kate Bush, Willow Smith, Holly Valance, Lily Allen, Yew 2 and the Beech Boys.